Take it or Leave it: Maybelline

It's time for another Take it or Leave it post and I'm back to a drugstore brand this month. Maybelline is one of my favourite drugstore brands and while I haven't tried everything from the brand, I've amassed quite a few products over the years. Like always the main goal of these posts is to list some of my favourite products from a specific brand so you'll know what's worth your money.

Take it

Creamy Matte Lipsticks
This is probably my favourite Lipstick formula ever. These creamy matte lipsticks are very comfortable, pigmented, long wearing and non-drying. The shade 660 Touch of Spice in particular is amazing. If you haven't picked up one of these lipsticks I highly suggest it.
Eyestudio Gel Liner
I've had this gel liner for over a year and it's still creamy. It lasts a really long time on the eyes and doesn't budge. I don't like the brush it comes with for application, but if you use a liner brush this gel liner is amazing.
24 hr Colour Tattoo
I've made my thoughts on the Maybelline Colour Tattoo's very well known on my blog. These are perfect for quick makeup looks. They take no time at all to apply. They blend out really well but once it dries these don't crease at all. I can't attest to the 24hr claim because I've never worn makeup for 24hrs but these do last all day on me. My favourites are 25 Bad to the Bronze which is a cool toned shimmery bronze and 80 Creamy Beige which is a matte beige, perfect for a no makeup, makeup look. These also work great as eyeshadow bases.
Creamy Beige, Bad to the Bronze, Pure Nude, Tough as Taupe, Inked in Pink
Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer
This concealer is amazing at hiding darkness under the eyes plus it's really light so it won't crease. It comes in many colours including a Radiant shade which is great for highlighting all over the face.
Master Drama Eyeliner
I think this is a good option when looking for a drugstore eyeliner. It's a twist up liner and the shade in Midnight Master is very black and long-lasting.
Dream Fresh BB
This is a very lightweight, moisturizing BB cream. It evens out the complexion but has little for coverage. Perfect for those good skin days. It also has an SPF of 30 which makes it my favourite for the summer months.
Colour Elixir
The Maybelline Colour Elixir's are unlike any other lip product I've tried. I would classify it a lipgloss. It is very smooth and glossy while also being long-lasting and pigmented.
Mascara (The Falsies, The Rocket)
I've liked the mascaras I've tried from Maybelline. I think besides Covergirl they are the best Mascara option at the drugstore.
Dream Wonder Powder
This may have become my favourite powder. I have very dry skin so I have trouble with a lot of powders accentuating any dry spots but this one doesn't seem to cling to my dry skin at all. It has fairly high coverage too which is great for days when I don't feel like wearing foundation.

Leave it

Dream Bouncy Blush (not shown)
I mentioned in a disappointing products post how this isn't my favourite blush. I find the texture is weird and hard to blend out.
Master Glaze Blush Stick
Once again another cream blush from Maybelline that I am not a fan of. I don't really like the stick application in this product and I find there is way too much shimmer in the blush for my liking.
The Creamy Matte lipsticks may be my favourite formula of all time but I am not the biggest fan of the rest of the Maybelline lipsticks. The lipsticks are creamy, last an average amount of time and the brand has really good colour selection but overall I think other brands make better lipsticks. (Check out Revlon or Rimmel for good drugstore lipsticks).
Colour Show Nail Polish
This is a fine nail polish but I would spend my money on nail polish from other brands first. There are lots of good nail polishes at the drugstore but I think these are just average.

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  1. I really like the colour tattoos as well, they are my favourite thing from Maybelline as well as Baby Skin Primer. I think however though that I avoid most of their products as they just don't appeal to me as much as other brands!
    Mary-Ann xx
    Angel Flicks

    1. I'll have to try the Baby Skin Primer. I've heard a lot of good things about it. I think NYX is my favourite drugstore brand but I do really like Maybelline.

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