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Last Canada Day I made a similar post but it is a mess (I'm not even going to link it). It's also not completely accurate anymore (Canada lost all of its Target stores) so I thought I would redo the post. That post was aimed more at Canadians looking to buy international drugstore brands that can be harder to find. I'm gearing this post more towards my International Followers who may find themselves in Canada this summer looking for different makeup brands to try.

If you're looking for high end brands, your best bet is Sephora or The Bay. Both have a large selection of luxury products. The brands can vary depending on the store's location but most popular high end brands are featured. Sears is another department store that carries a smaller section of brands usually including Clinique, Lancome, and Estee Lauder. There are also stand alone stores such as MAC that can usually be found in malls.

I'll start with the accessible drugstore brands that can be found at almost every drugstore. These include Revlon, L'Oreal, Maybelline, Covergirl, Rimmel, Physicians Formula, Almay and N.Y.C. I will not be spending anymore time on these brands because many are international and if not, they can be found at pretty much any Canadian drugstore.
Specific Canadian drugstore brands include Annabelle and Marcelle. Both of which can be found in most Canadian drugstores.

Disclaimer: Harder brands to find can depend on location of the store and their stock. My explanation is based on the brands I can find in drugstores in my Canadian city. The drugstores chains may also vary depending on province.

I'm starting with what I believe to be the best place to buy makeup outside of department stores or beauty retailers such as Sephora. Most Shoppers will have a Beauty Boutique that includes high end brands such as Benefit, Smashbox, Stila, Lancome etc. On the drugstore side Shoppers usually stocks essence, Gosh, Bioderma, Quo (house brand) and Soap and Glory body products with the occasional lip product. I have even found certain shoppers that carry Bourjois (although they jack up the price like crazy, I'm talking $30 foundations here).

Rexall carries drugstore brands such as Bioderma, Wet & Wild and NYX as well as the more expensive brand theBalm. For brushes, many Rexall's now carry Real Techniques. Rexall also now offers the brands Vasanti as well as Sweet Lei Lani and Emani which both sell vegan cosmetics.

London Drugs sells a bit of everything. I would compare it to Walmart. Similar to the drugstores above, London Drugs sells brands such as NYX, Real Techniques, Prestige, E.L.F. and Wet & Wild. But they also have a high end section that sells brands like Elizabeth Arden, Lancome, Clarins, Lise Waiter and Cargo.

Superstore focuses heavily on food, however it has a decent beauty section that carries all the popular drugstore brands as well as Joe Fresh and Milani.

Obviously this is nothing special to Canada but I thought I would throw it in here last. Walmart carries Flower, Wet & Wild, Milani, Real Techniques and Hard Candy.

I hope this post can be of some help. If anyone is travelling to Canada this summer or hopes to one day travel here in the future let me know where you're planning on going! It's a great country in the summer. I promise it's not cold :)

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