January Favourites

Makeup By Meggy January Favourites

I can't believe we're already one month into 2015. I wore a lot of makeup early on in the month but I've been sick lately so I haven't been putting much effort into my makeup. So I don't have that many favourites this month. 

Origins GinZing Refreshing eye cream to brighten and depuff
Origins GinZing eye cream
I'll start with skincare. I got a lot of skincare products for Christmas and I'm still in the process of reviewing but this eye cream from Origins was a favourite for me right away. It's great to brighten and moisturize the undereye area. I also find it quick to sink into the skin. I got mine as part of an Origins set so it comes in different packaging than the original even though it's the same size. I actually really like this packaging because you can get the perfect amount of product every time.

Glamglow Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment
Glamglow Thirstymud
I have very, very dry skin especially in the winter and this hydrating face mask has been a savior for my skin. It looks and smells kind of like pudding but it moisturizes and eliminates dry skin amazingly. Just wear it over night and wake up with soft, moisturized skin. I'm going to be doing a review comparing this and the Body Shop Moisture Mask so you can look for that soon.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Pin up Girl Blush Palette
Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush Palette
I love the Amazonian Clay blushes, they last a really long time on the skin, they're pigmented and blendable. This palette is especially great because there's a blush shade for any makeup look. I've also really been loving the look of the palette as decoration on my vanity.

Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara
Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara
Unfortunately this is just a sample size so I've had to be selective about when I wear this mascara. It's great at lengthening and volumizing my lashes and I've never had any trouble with clumping. The brush is really great. I'm probably going to have to buy the full size once this one runs out.

Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer 
Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer
I've been adding a drop of this illuminizer to my foundation all month. It really brightens up my complexion which has been dull in these winter months but it's not sparkly so it won't make you look like Edward Cullen. 

A few thoughts on Ads and Sponsored Posts

This is a little bit of a different post for me. It's not makeup or beauty related, more editorial. But don't worry I'll have my January Favourites for you on Wednesday.
I've decided to put Ads on my blog. It has taken me a long time to come to this decision but I think that as long as it doesn't interfere with my blog content, it's a good move for me. I know when I first got a blog I never thought I'd put ads on it but I've since changed my mind. I put a lot of time and energy into this blog and I love it but I'm not looking for this to become a full time job as I'm already a full time University student. However if I could earn a few extra pennies to put towards my makeup budget I think that would be great.
I sincerely hope the placement of ads on my blog doesn't affect anyone's enjoyment of my blog. There's always the option of adblocker if you have a problem with it. I know when I see ads on fellow bloggers blogs I always try to click them to give them some extra money. I would be nice but in no way necessary if you guys did that for me.
I thought I would also add my thoughts about sponsored and affiliate posts. Honestly I don't have a problem with them as long as the blogger is being totally honest with their audience. In my opinion the content of someone's blog should have a good balance of sponsored and non sponsored posts. I don't currently have any affiliation with any brands. I've never been given any products to review for my blog but I can promise now that even if that does change I'll always be 100% honest with you guys.
So there's my two scents.

What do you guys think about Ads and Sponsored posts?

January Ipsy Bag

Jan. Ipsy Bag - Makeup-By-Meggy.blogspot.ca
Jan. Ipsy Bag - Makeup-By-Meggy.blogspot.ca
Jan. Ipsy Bag - Makeup-By-Meggy.blogspot.ca
The theme for this month's bag is "Fresh Start". For the January Ipsy Bag the actual bag is white on the front and blue on the back with an orange zipper. The bag has a plastic feel but it seems high quality. This may be one of my favourite actual bags that I've recieved. The contents weren't as great as other bags but there were some good products included.
Probelle Nail Polish in Into the Blue
Jan. Ipsy Bag - Makeup-By-Meggy.blogspot.ca
This is a really gorgeous baby blue nail polish. I've never heard of the brand Probelle until now but I'm really excited to try it. I don't really have any other shades like this one. This is a full size product and it retails for $6.
Hikari Eyeliner in Storm
Jan. Ipsy Bag - Makeup-By-Meggy.blogspot.ca
This is a mechanical gray pencil liner. I don't have a gray liner so I was pleased with the colour, I just found it was a little too waxy to apply smoothly. It's long lasting and pigmented but hard to apply. This is a full size product and it retails for $13.
Pacifica Natural Mineral Coconut Eyeshadow in Ethereal
Jan. Ipsy Bag - Makeup-By-Meggy.blogspot.ca
This was probably my favourite product in this month's bag. It is the perfect lid shade. I was very impressed with the formula of this shadow as it is really creamy and pigmented as well as long lasting. There is a lot of shadow included in the pan at 2.5g.  Pacifica doesn't sell these shadows individually but I'd definitely consider buying a palette.
Hey Honey Take it off -Exfoliating Honey Peel off Mask
Jan. Ipsy Bag - Makeup-By-Meggy.blogspot.ca
I haven't actually tried this mask yet because I have been trying a lot of new skincare lately and I'm  giving my skin a bit of a break. Apparently this is an exfoliating peel off mask where you let the product sit on your skin until it dries and then you peel off the mask and are left with softer skin. This is a sample size but the full size retails for $35.
Malin + Goetz Mojito Lip Balm
Jan. Ipsy Bag - Makeup-By-Meggy.blogspot.ca
I have a lot of lip balms so I wasn't expecting to like this as much as I do. I love applicators that don't involve applying the product with your fingers. It makes it perfect for your handbag. The balm is really moisturizing, shiny and not sticky at all. It also smells like mojito's (mint) but it doesn't really have a taste. It's almost a full size product and retails for $12 which is a lot for a lip balm and I'm not entirely convinced it's worth it, although it is good.

You can subscribe to Ipsy at ipsy.com
I am in no way affiliated with Ipsy and I pay for my own subscription to the service.

Wet & Wild Comfort Zone Palette Review + Eyeshadow Look

Wet & Wild Comfort Zone Palette
I haven't reviewed this palette on my blog before but I really believe it is the best drugstore palette out there. I listed it as the most versatile in my Perfect Palette Tag post which you can read here. The Wet and Wild shadows are generally very pigmented and blendable. Much higher quality than you would expect from the $5 price tag. The shades are labeled by how you are supposed to use them and there are instructions on the back making it super easy for beginners. I believe Wet and Wild is only available in Canada and the US so if you can get your hands on it I highly recommend it.
Half this palette includes bronze neutrals and the other half includes some fun green shades. The only thing that could make this palette better would be if it included a matte transition shade. On the left side I really like the rose gold eyelid shade and the dark shimmery brown definer. On the right I love the silvery-taupe browbone shade, it's my most used in this palette. I use it as an eyelid shadow as I think it's too dark to use on my browbone. I also like the green with gold shimmer. The definer could be considered a dupe for some high end shadows such as MAC Club. It's a duochrome blue reddish-brown.
Wet & Wild Comfort Zone Palette Swatches

Green Eyeshadow Look

Wet & Wild Comfort Zone Palette Eyeshadow Look
For this eyeshadow look I wanted to use some of the green shades. You can of course follow the directions on the back to create preset looks but I wanted to branch out a little. I wouldn't wear this as an everyday look but sometimes it's fun to wear colourful shadows.
I started by using my NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk to create a white base for the eyeshadows. Then I took a matte transition shade from another palette and using a fluffy brush I put that in my crease and a bit higher. I used Naked 2 from the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette but you can use whatever works for you.
Wet & Wild Comfort Zone Palette Eyeshadow Look
I then took the green eyelid shade and put that directly on the middle of my eyelid making sure not to go into the crease. I left the first third and last third of my eyelid bare. I put the rose gold eyeshadow on the inner third of my eye. I then slowly built up the dark green crease shade on the outer third of my eye gently bringing it into my crease.
Wet & Wild Comfort Zone Palette Eyeshadow Look
Under my eye I followed the same pattern as my lid with the rose gold shade in the inner corner, the bright green in the middle and the dark green connecting to the outer corner. I finished the look by using a dark brown pencil liner to line my upper lashline (I used Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Crave). I then took a nude pencil liner from Rimmel and put that in my waterline. This is an important step because of the rose gold I used in my inner corner. Without it my eyes would look bloodshot. I put mascara on my top and bottom lashes and used the left browbone shade on my browbones.
Wet & Wild Comfort Zone Palette Eyeshadow Look

The Best (Under-appreciated) Beauty Youtubers

I'm sure I'm like most other beauty lovers in that I turn to youtube for everything from tutorials to product reviews. I've subscribed to a lot of youtubers that I love, I just feel some get more attention that others. Everyone (myself included) loves Zoella, and Tanya Burr and all those other popular beauty youtubers but I wanted to highlight some of my favourites who maybe don't get as much attention. The criteria I used for popularity was over 1 million subscribers. These youtubers haven't reached their first million yet but they definitely deserve some love.

Allison Anderson www.youtube.com/user/amarixe
I really like Allison's videos. She does a lot of beauty videos but she also has some great lifestyle and DIY videos. She's girly and enthusiastic, definitely worth subscribing.

Amelia Liana www.youtube.com/user/amelialiana
Amelia is a British youtuber who makes a lot of Beauty and fashion videos. She's slightly silly but a delight to watch.

Emily Noel www.youtube.com/user/emilynoel83
Emily is my go to for product reviews. She also has a second channel where she does express videos reviewing products www.youtube.com/user/beautybroadcastx. She just gave birth to a new baby, Belle, but she still finds time to make videos. It's impressive.

Essie Button www.youtube.com/user/essiebutton
Estee is a fellow Canadian but lives in London so she is able to provide a unique mix of UK and North American product reviews. She's also super silly and chatty. Her vlog channel with her boyfriend and her dog is also great.

Jordan Liberty www.youtube.com/user/givegoodface
Jordan is my newest youtube find. He's a professional makeup artist and photographer so his videos are full of pro tutorials and tips.

KathleenLights www.youtube.com/user/KathleenLights
Kathleen may be my favourite beauty youtuber. Her tutorials are probably the best on youtube. She's super talkative and bubbly. I love her channel and can't recommend it enough.

Tati www.youtube.com/user/GlamLifeGuru
Tati is a California based youtuber who makes beauty videos 5 days a week. Her reviews are very reliable and her Tip Tuesdays are always helpful. I especially love her Hot or Not series.

If you watch any youtubers you feel are under-appreciated let me know, I'd love to check them out. And if any of you make videos leave a link in the comments and I'll be sure to subscribe.

*All photo's come from the respective youtuber's channel

Liebster Award #2

So I was nominated for the Liebster Award again. I enjoy doing these posts because it gives you guys a chance to get to know me better and it also helps expose people to new blogs. I'd really like to thank Charlotte from thehomelychic.com for the nomination. Please go check out her blog because it's amazing!

Here are the rules:

Thank and link the person who nominated you.
Answer the questions given by the nominator.
Nominate 11 other bloggers (who have less than 200 followers) and link them.
Create 11 new questions for the nominees to answer.
Notify all nominees via social media/blogs.
My Answers:
When did you start your blog?
I started my blog last April but I didn't actually make it public until sometime in May 2014.
Why did you start your blog?
I really love makeup and beauty and I love discussing products and checking out new looks to try. There isn't really anyone in my life who understands or will put up with all my beauty talk so I turned to the internet. It's become now become such a huge part of my life. I'm so thankful I finally started it.
What are your new years resolutions for 2015?
I don't actually believe in new years resolutions. If you want to change something why do you need to wait for a new year? Plus I think it it adds too much pressure.
If you could go on holiday anywhere, where would you go?
I think I'm going to the UK this summer and I'm so excited.
What is your favourite clothing store?
Anthropologie. It's very expensive but they have the nicest clothes.
What is your favourite season?
Spring. There is so much hope for better weather and it marks the end of the -30 degree days.
Flats or heels?
Flats, I'm hopeless in heels.
What is your favourite film?
This is very hard. I really like musicals. I can't narrow it down to just one.
What TV show’s have you watched recently?
Supernatural is my favourite show so I'm always rewatching those episodes. I just finished Bones over the break and Broadchurch just started up again.
What is your dream job?
An author but more realistically a Policy Analyst.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hopefully I've got my masters degree in Sociology and am working at a job I love.

My Questions:
1.What's something you can't live without?
2. What was/is your favourite subject in school?
3. Favourite animal?
4. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
5. Who's your favourite youtuber?
6. Favourite Quote?
7. What is your favourite way to spend your spare time? 
8. What is your favourite makeup or clothing brand?
9. What is the best holiday you've been on?
10. Who is your beauty inspiration?
11. What is your biggest dream for your future?

I'm Nominating:
Check out all these awesome blogs and if you end up doing this tag please let me know! I want to read your answers.

Take it or Leave it- The Body Shop

I'm starting a new series called Take it or Leave it where I review products from a specific brand and hopefully help you decide if a product is worth your money. I've accumulated a lot of products from The Body Shop as The Body Shop usually has buy 2 get one free sales. I thought this would be a good brand to start with. You can find these products at thebodyshop.ca 

Take it

Honey Bronzer- This may be my favourite product from The Body Shop. This is also the only makeup I've tried from them but considering how good this is, I'm very eager to try more. This is a matte bronzer and the colour 01 is light enough to look totally natural on my fair skin. It isn't very orange, it's pigmented and really blendable. It retails for $20.
Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser- This is my all time favourite face cleanser and one I would highly recommend for people with sensitive skin. It really does calm my face and it leaves it feeling clean. It doesn't irritate my skin or overly dry it like most other cleansers. It retails for $15.
Aloe Protective Serum- I feel like my skin overall has less problems when I use this serum. It doesn't get as dry or breakout as often. The product sinks in really fast and calms my skin. I use it before I apply moisturizer and makeup in the morning. It really seems like it acts like a protective shield against the elements. It retails for $22.
Vitamin E Sink-in Moisture Mask- I've raved about how this mask transforms my skin overnight leaving it soft and hydrated in the morning. It has a jelly texture and it's really thick so a little goes a long way but it really is a skin savior in the winter months. It retails for $22.
Body Butter- I feel like The Body Shop is best known for their Body Butters and there's a good reason. Nothing can hydrate my dry skin quite like these Body Butters. I tend to aim for the ones labeled for dry or very dry skin as they work best on me but they'er all really hydrating and smell amazing. They retail for $20 but are usually on sale for $10.
Almond Hand &Nail Cream- This is a light weight hand cream that has kept my hands from getting dry this winter and with everyday being -30 degrees or colder that seems like a miracle. It sinks in fast, smells good and is not greasy. I wish I had gotten it in the bigger tube. The small size retails for $10 and the larger one $20.
Raspberry Body Scrub- I'm pretty sure this was a limited edition spring product but I think they bring it back, or at least something like it, every year. It's exfoliating but not too rough on my sensitive skin. Plus it looks and smells exactly like Raspberry jam. It retails for $20.

Leave it

Vitamin E Illuminating Moisture Cream- I actually like this product I just don't necessarily think it's the best illuminating product you can get. It's moisturizing and really illuminates the skin but the reflecting particles are a purple and not necessarily flattering if not covered by makeup so I wouldn't wear this product on it's own. Plus a little goes a long way. It retails for $19.
Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz- This spray is supposed to energize dull skin and refresh it but I didn't really feel like it did anything for my skin. Plus it has a really strong fake citrus scent which I didn't much like. It retails for $18.
Tea Tree Oil- I know lots of people swear by Tea Tree Oil but I couldn't get it to do anything for my skin. If someone knows the best uses for Tea Tree Oil please, please let me know because I'd love to find a way to make this product work for me. It retails for $10.
Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil- Another product people swear by so I will say Leave it if you have dry or sensitive skin. If not hopefully this product will work for you because it does take off eye makeup like a dream. I just found it to be super drying and it broke me out. It retails for $16.

I hope you enjoyed the first post in this series and found it helpful. Comment below if you have any favourite Body Shop products you think I should try.

I got Twitter! @MakeupByMeggy

So one of my goals for the new year is to work on promoting my blog better. My first attempt at doing this is to get twitter for my blog. I would really love if you followed me at twitter.com/MakeupByMeggy I'll follow back. There I'll post updates about new blog posts. 
I'm also looking to get more involved in the beauty blogger community so feel free to talk to me. I promise I'm nice :)

New Year Sephora Haul

After my computer surprisingly crashed and I had to replace it I am now on a no spending kick until April making this my last haul for a while. This is just a collection of things I picked up from Sephora with a coupon and during Boxing Day sales. I didn't pay full price for any of the things mentioned here. I think all the items are no longer in stock on their website but I thought I'd share anyway because I always like looking at haul posts.

Smashbox Full Exposure Travel Palette
This is a mini of Smashbox's Full Exposure Palette. It's the exact size of my iPhone 4 screen and extremely thin. I especially like the matte shadows included in this palette. The shimmer shadows can be a bit glittery and have some fallout but overall I think it's a great travel palette.

Tarte Tres Chic Park Avenue Princess Contour Palette

I have gotten really into contouring these last few months. I really like this matte bronzer, it runs a little orange but not too bad for my skintone. The blush is a gorgeous pale pink and the highlighter is golden and gives a very subtle shimmer. I will say the packaging, although gorgeous, is very prone to fingerprints.
Sephora Favourites Give Me Some Lip
There were 6 high end lip products in this kit including 1 full sized lipgloss. The products included were the Nars Orgasm Lip Gloss, Buxom's White Russian Lip Cream, Marc Jacobs Lip Vinyl in Kissability, Bite High Pigment Pencil in Meritage, Urban Decay Lipstick in Naked and the full size Smashbox Be Legendary Lipgloss in Pout. I think my favourite from this kit is the Bite Pencil.

Josie Maran Winter Dreams
I may preach too much about the wonders of Josie Maran's Argan oil so I was really excited to try her other Argan products. This is a collection of 5 products including the Coconut Watercolor Eye Shadow in Rio de Rose Gold which I've been dying to try for ages, the Argan Black Oil Mascara, Argan Illuminizer, Argan Oil Light, and the Argan Infinity Lip and Cheek Creamy Oil.
Let me know if there's a certain product you would like me to do a full review on.

Urban Deacy Naked 3 Palette Review

I realized I hadn't a review of the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. I know that the Naked 3 Palette has been out for a while now and almost everyone has done their own review of the palette but because this is one of my all time favourite palettes, I felt I needed to do my own review.
The packaging of the palette is very similar to the Naked 2 Palette but it's rose gold and has a wavy texture. Like the other Urban Decay Naked Palettes there are 12 shadows mostly shimmery with a few mattes. The quality of Urban Decay Shadows are always my favourites, very pigmented, buttery and blendable. The brush that comes with this palette is also very usable. I especially like the fluffy end of this brush.
There were two shades in this palette that I thought were below average. Dust has so much glittery fallout and no real pigmentation. I also had trouble with the pigmentation of Trick. Although there is some fallout with the shade Buzz it is buttery and pigmented so I can still make it work.
Now for my favourite shades. I'm picky about highlights but I really like the highlight shade Strange in this palette. It's matte and bright enough to actually show up on my skin. I also really like the two other matte shades in this palette Limit and Nooner. However my overall favourite shade in the palette is Liar, it's a beautiful satin mauve colour.
Description of the Shades according to Urban Decay's Website:
Strange- Pale Neutral Pink (Matte)
Dust- Pale Metallic Pink (Microglitter)
Burnout- Light Pinky-Peach (Satin)
Limit- Light Dusty Rose (Matte)
Buzz- Metallic Rose Shimmer (Microglitter)
Trick- Pinky-Copper (Shimmer)
Nooner- Medium Pinky-Brown (Matte)
Liar- Medium Metallic Mauve (Shimmer)
Factory- Pinky-Brown (Satin)
Mugshot- Metallic Taupe (Shimmer)
Darkside- Deep Taupe-Mauve (Satin)
Blackheart- Matte Black with Red Microsparkle

Swatches (L-R):
Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit, Buzz, Trick, Nooner, Liar, Factory, Mugshot, Darkside, Blackheart