Updated Makeup Storage and Organization

The last time I showed my makeup storage was over a year ago and I've made quite a few changes to how I organize my makeup since then. If you want to take a trip down memory lane you can see how my makeup storage used to look here.
The point of this post is to share how I organize my makeup and maybe give some tips on how to store your makeup. I also made the brands/companies clickable so it's easier for you to shop the storage options for yourself.  Come back next week for my updated makeup collection posts. 

I'll start with my vanity which I got from Bed, Bath and Beyond (I think my exact model is discontinued but I found a similar one). It has a tri-fold mirror and a fake marble counter top as well as a drawer and a cupboard for storage. I added the vanity lights on top.

I used a file organizer from Staples to display my eyeshadow palettes. Not only is this a good way to store them, I also am more inclined to use them because they're all in my line of sight.

I got the hexagon shaped rose gold dish from Urban Outfitters and I use it to store my everyday skincare (and my little rose gold bunny). I got the 3 drawer organizer from Amazon and I use it to store my highlighters and cheek palettes (top), blushes (middle), bronzer and cream blush (bottom). I bought the vase, stones and flower from Michael's.

 My eyeliners are held in a purple flower pot that I filled with clear beads. I store (most) my lipsticks in this acrylic holder from the dollar store but you can also find them on Amazon. Behind that I keep my larger blush palettes. My eyeshadow sticks and lip pencils are stored in this rose gold candle holder from Anthropologie

I converted this flower pot I found in a hardware store into a brush holder. I filled each side with clear beads so the brushes will stand up. I don't have a link for this one but it's really easy to convert any small flower pot. I especially like this one because it has a distressed vintage look and a way to separate my face and eye brushes.

 I got my two-sided vanity mirror from Hudson's Bay. I got my everyday makeup bag from Milly Green. I painted an Ikea container (similar but different lid) with Rose Gold paint to keep my cotton pads and Q-tips.

In my vanity drawer I keep my most used eyeshadow palettes (itCosmetics, Too Faced, Naked Basics 1&2), my least used/small eyeshadow palettes and my contacts on the left. I keep my single shadows in this organizer from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

In my side cupboard I use this mesh drawer from Bed, Bath and Beyond to keep my foundations and various beauty tools in the first section, less used skincare in the second section, and my samples and less used makeup in the back.

On the bottom shelf of the cupboard I keep my lip products in this 4 drawer organizer from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  I organize them by colour from Left to Right- Purples/Plums, Reds/Oranges, Pinks and finally Nudes. I keep lips scrubs and lip balms on top.

I hope you enjoyed this look at how I organize and store my makeup. Do you have any good organization or storage tips?

**Let me know if any of the above links stop working. Also note that I am in no way affiliated with/endorse any of the companies or brands I've linked above. I'm just trying to help people organize their makeup :)

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