Remembering 2016

I feel like 2016 was a tough year on us all. I know personally, it was probably one of the hardest years of my life. 
The US and Britain both made huge changes that will affect the rest of the world, there were mass shootings and continuing conflicts in Syria, many beloved celebrities passed as well as a gorilla the world still seems to be mourning. It seems hatred and vitriol have become common in our everyday discourse and the media promotes stories that fill us with anxiety and pessimism. While I will be happy to see 2016 end, I want to go out on a good note by remembering all the wonderful and exciting things that happened this year, both personally and publicly.


I finished my Sociology Honours thesis earlier this year. A huge accomplishment and something I'm really proud of.

Gilmore Girls!

One of the best TV show ever returned this year with 4 new episodes. We got to spend 360 more minutes in Stars Hollow and regardless of what you thought of those final four words, we should be thankful for being allowed back into the Gilmore's universe.


My bestie graduated and became a Registered Massage Therapist and finally got to start her career and I couldn't be more proud of her! I was also supposed to be finished my undergrad degree this December, but due to a situation out of my control, I'll now finish in early January instead. Close enough though right.

More Harry Potter! So Much More!

I grew up with Harry Potter. From the time I was 6, those books have been in my life. I was one of those obsessed kids dressing up for the movies and going to midnight releases. Well 2016 brought us both the release of the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. What more could a Potter fan want!

First Real Job!

I got my first job related to my field of study this year and it helped open up doors for my future, my grad program, as well as gave me lots of experience and confidence that this is what I want to do with my life.

New Music!

My favourite artist George Watsky released a new album this summer which I have been listening to non-stop ever since. X infinity is really great and I would suggest everyone go give it a listen. Also Beyonc√© released her album Lemonade.

John frickin Scott!

I expect this one will fly past a lot of you but if you watch the NHL (hockey) you'll have heard about John Scott and the All-Star Game controversy that started off our crazy 2016. John Scott has been one of my favourite players since he was a Chicago Blackhawk in 2010. Well for me, seeing John Scott lifted up by his teammates after being named the game's MVP was one of the highlights of my year. His story is one that brings me so much joy, I would encourage everyone to go give it a read. He also has a new memoir out and it's on my wish list.

These have been some of the highlights of my year. It felt really nice to think about the positives that came out of this year. I highly suggest everyone take a few minutes to think of the good 2016 has brought them.
What were your best moments of 2016?

I'll leave you with a picture of a puppy.
Digby: 2004-2016

2017 will be better my friends,

Love, Meggy 

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