The Only One!

For today's blog post I decided to challenge myself by picking what products I would use if I could only wear one makeup look for the rest of my life. This was hard to decide as these aren't just holy grail products, they are products I think would be suitable for any occasion and that I could wear everyday without getting sick of them.

Foundation- Rimmel Match Perfection

I love this foundation because it isn't cakey, it has good buildable coverage and it's match to my skin tone is perfection (haha Match Perfection...get it! Sorry.)

Concealer- Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

Although I do find it slightly ridiculous to spend this much on a concealer, it really can't be beat for how high coverage and blendable it is. I could easily use this concealer forever.

Blush- Nars Deep Throat

I explained how much I love this blush in my recent Blush Tag post so I don't want to be repeating myself but it just suits my skin tone so perfectly. It's a gorgeous everyday blush.

Bronzer- Nars Laguna

If you saw my Top 3 Series: Bronzers post then you already know that this is my all time favourite bronzer. It's not too orange, it has some shimmer but not too much so it makes you look luminous not sparkly. It's also really blendable so it looks natural.

Highlight- Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow

I don't know if this is cheating because this is part of a duo compact, but it is by far my favourite highlight. It's not subtle but I still wear it all the time because it's so finely milled that it doesn't look too chunky or glittery. 

Brows- Anastasia Brow Wiz 

I think this has got to be one of the most popular brow products. It's just so good at filling and sculpting while still keeping your brows looking natural.

Eyeshadow- Urban Decay Sin

This had to be the hardest to decide. I LOVE doing my eyeshadow and creating different eyeshadow looks so choosing just one eyeshadow that I would wear for the rest of my life was very difficult. However I think Sin is really pretty and neutral so it would suit many occasions plus Urban Decay has my favourite eyeshadow formula, so pigmented and blendable.

Eyeliner- Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner

Can you believe there was a time when I hated liquid liner? Now I'm choosing it as the eyeliner I would use for the rest of my life if I could only choose one. This particular liner is really long wearing and the applicator allows for a really thin and precise line.

Mascara- Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes

I've raved about this mascara a lot. It makes my lashes really thick and long, but it still feels soft and natural to the touch. There is also no smudging or flaking. It has got to be my all time favourite mascara.

Lipstick- NYX Butter Lipstick in Pops

This was also a VERY difficult choice to make. If I could only wear one thing on my lips for the rest of my life I would want it to be comfortable and neutral. My NYX lipstick fits both those qualifications. It's a perfect My Lips But Better shade and it feels really moisturizing.

Nail Polish- Pure Ice Taupe Drawer

If I were to wear only one nail polish for the rest of my life I think it would have to be this pinky nude. The formula of this polish is opaque and long lasting and the colour would be appropriate for most occasions.

Perfume- Elizabeth and James Nirvana White

Although this isn't makeup, I just wanted to add that if I could only wear one perfume it would be my Nirvana White because it's fresh and floral and perfect for most occasions.

Let me know what products would be in your Only One Makeup look!

Items You Need for an Easier Beauty Routine!

 Most of my posts are focused on makeup or beauty products, but I thought I should show some love to the everyday items that make my beauty routine easier. These are pretty universal products as most are really easy/cheap to get a hold of.

Hair Bun Holder- I'll start with items I use to clean my brushes. It may seem strange, but a hair bun holder is your best friend when it comes to changing shades while using the same brush. With just a few swirls of your brush on the hair bun you can remove any power product from your brush. That way you can change the colour of your shadows while still using the same brush. It works like magic and as long as you're gentle (as you always should be when cleaning your brushes!) there's no damage to you brush. Plus a bun holder is very inexpensive.

Daily Brush Cleaner- When you want a better clean for your brush or if you have a brush you've been using for a cream product, you'll need something a little stronger. This is where a liquid spot cleaner is important. With just a spritz on your brush and some (gentle) rubbing on a cotton pad, your brush can look like new again. However it does take some time to dry which is why it's not ideal to use when applying your makeup. I use the Sephora Brand Daily Makeup Bush Cleaner.

Dove Soap- Finally, every few weeks your brushes need a deep clean. For this I love using Dove Baby Wash and Shampoo because it's super gentle on my brushes and it leaves them really clean. (Let me know if you would be interested in an entire post on how I clean my brushes).

Tweezers- There are so many uses for tweezers from plucking stray hairs to applying false lashes, tweezers are a must in anyone's beauty arsenal. 

Cotton Buds- These are perfect for fixing any smudges and dipped in makeup remover they can remove mistakes and even help sharpen the edge of your fierce eyeliner flick.

Cotton Pads- From removing makeup, nail polish or cleaning brushes, I don't know how I would do my makeup without these cotton pads. My favourites are the Large Square Cotton Pads from Quo. They're soft but they don't fall apart on me.

Hair Clip- If you have long hair or bangs, a clip will help keep your hair out of your face when you're doing your makeup. With foundation especially, you want to blend into your hairline to make sure you avoid that pesky foundation line so I find clipping my hair back really helps with this.

Nothing I mentioned in this post was over $11 and everything should be fairly accessible. I hope this post has helped provide you with some ideas on how to make your makeup routine easier. 

Giveaway Winner Announcement!

My giveaway for a Josie Maran Watercolour Eyeshadow has come to an end and the winner has been chosen. As my giveaway was run through Rafflecopter, Rafflecopter itself chooses a random winner.

And the winner is....

Janelle Fasan

I'll be contacting the winner directly. Thanks to everyone who entered and more importantly, thanks to everyone for putting up with my lack of posts this winter while I worked on my thesis. I promise this summer will be full of beauty related blog posts from yours truly. 

And remember my next giveaway is coming up as soon as I hit 300 Bloglovin' followers. I'm really close so make sure you're following!

Top 3 Series: Bronzer

I'm bringing back my Top 3 Series this time with Bronzer. This is my third post in my top three series so if you want, you can check out my Top 3 Highlighters and Top 3 Blushes.

Nars Laguna 

I'm going to start off strong and say that this is my favourite bronzer of all time. This should be obvious by the fact that I've hit pan. It's a gorgeous, luminous bronzer that leaves me so sun-kissed. It's not too orange or shimmery, it's really just the perfect bronzer.

Soap and Glory Solar Powder
For a cheaper option this is one of my favourite bronzers. It's not too dark for my fair skin so it looks super natural. It has just a little bit of a glow thanks to the lighter more shimmery side. I just mix the two sides and it creates the perfect bronze shade.

The Body Shop Honey Bronzer 01
This is the best bronzer for my fair skin in the winter. It's completely matte so it makes you look like you have a really natural, subtle tan.
Laguna, Solar Powder, Honey

What's your favourite Bronzer?

The Blush Tag

I've seen this tag going around YouTube the last few weeks and since I love blush I just knew I had to do it. I'm not tagging anyone specifically but if you do the tag, let me know because I would love to see your answers to these questions.


1. Best Packaging - Tarte Pin up Girl Palette: This was a limited edition palette so I don't know if  it's cheating to include it, but it has the prettiest packaging. It looks like a clutch and comes with a nice big mirror. I just think it's so cute.

2. Prettiest Color - Milani Luminoso: This was hard to choose but Luminoso is just the perfect shimmery peach. I especially love wearing it in the summer when I have a bit of a tan. It makes you look so luminous.

3. Most Pigmented - Nars Orgasm: It's almost too pigmented, my other Nars blush isn't anywhere near this pigmented. I'm not sure if the formulation is just different or what.

4. Everyday Blush - NYX Angel: It's such a nice pale, matte pink, totally perfect for everyday. It's subtle but still gives a nice wash of colour.

5. Party Blush - Tarte Glisten: It's a lovely shimmery peachy pink with gold flecks. It acts like a blush and highlight all in one. It also goes with lots of different eyeshadow looks.

6. Regret Purchasing - NYX Cream Blush in Hot Pink: I love the colour so I don't know if I actually regret purchasing it, I just don't reach for cream blushes very often so I feel like it's going to waste.

7. Least Used - Milani Red Vino: This is such a beautiful shade but it's fairly dark so it takes a light hand and a lot of blending so I don't reach for it as often as I should.

8. Most Used/Would Never Let Go Of - Nars Deep Throat: This is literally my all time favourite blush. Whenever I need to look put together and don't know what to wear, I always reach for this blush. It's a beautiful peach with just a bit of shimmer. I'm surprised I haven't reached pan yet as there's a significant dip.

9. Favorite Blush Brand - Benefit: This was hard to decide but I have quite a few Benefit blushes and I really love them. Rockateur, Dandelion and CORALista are some of my favourites. I also like the scent.

10. Greatest Blush Discovery of Last Year -Lancome Blush Subtil Aplum: I was addicted to this plum shade last fall and the formula is great, blendable and not too pigmented which is good for such a dark colour.

 11. Most Practical - Sleek Palette in Pink Lemonade: This is a beautiful blush palette with 3 shades; a shimmery pink, a cream matte pink and a shimmery peach. I think with it's variety of shades and finishes it's perfect for travelling. The packaging is also really thin and comes with a big mirror so if find it really practical to travel with.

12. Least Practical - Maybelline Master Glaze in Make a Mauve: I'm saying this blush is impractical mostly because I don't like the formula as it requires sooo much blending. The colour also isn't practical for someone with as fair skin as me. (I received this blush in an Ipsy bag).

13. Most Expensive - Lancome: is the most expensive blush I own at $40.50.

14. Least Expensive - NYX: is the least expensive blush I own with blushes as low as $8.

15. Best Blush Palette - Benefit Box o' Blushes: This was another limited edition Christmas blush palette but Benefit has some of my favourite blushes so to get them all in one palette is really convenient. The packaging however is awful, really bulky and tacky but the product inside is worth it! 

ENDED: Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Eyeshadow GIVEAWAY!

NOW ENDED- I'm giving away a Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Eyeshadow to one of my lucky followers to thank you for sticking with me this winter. For those who haven't read my post on the subject, I had to take some time off of blogging this winter so I could concentrate on writing my Sociology Honours Thesis. I've now handed my thesis in and I'm back to blogging twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays. To thank you all for continuing to follow me while my attention was elsewhere, I though I'd give a little something away.
Swatch of Rio De Rose Gold


  • I'm giving away a Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Eyeshadow. I wanted to do a giveaway of a product that I personally love. I have the shade Rio De Rose Gold and I think it's amazing. It's super pigmented and, once dry, totally budge proof. I did an eyeshadow look with it, which you can see here.
  • If you win you can select the colour you want from Sephora
  • Open Internationally! If you live in Canada or the United States the eyeshadow will be shipped directly from If you live anywhere else internationally, I'll mail the eyeshadow to you through Canada Post, so shipping may take a while.
  • You must be following me on Bloglovin' to win; there are also ways to gain extra entries
  • The giveaway is run through Rafflecopter. You can enter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


End of Winter 2016 Favourites

I'm done! I handed in my thesis and wrote my final exam, which means no more school until September. However, due to my previously explained thesis obligations, I didn't post my favourites for February or March, so I thought I would combine them into my favourites for the last few months of winter.

Oil Drops in Foundation - We're starting off with a technique favourite instead of a product favourite. These past few months I've been obsessed with adding a few drops of oil to my foundation. My skin gets dry in the winter which makes my foundation go on cakey. I've found with a few drops of oil, my foundation goes on much smoother.
Vaseline- Just to top off what has been one of the most stressful periods of my life, I've also been suffering from a cold and I have to say Vaseline is a life saver. My nose has been so dry and irritated from constantly blowing my nose, and Vaseline seemed to be the only thing that would sooth and moisturize my poor nose.
Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels- This may be a bit of a cheat because I only used this product once, but it was so good I just had to include it in my favourites. I had a big presentation for my thesis and I wanted to look my best and these really helped reduce the puffiness and darkness under my eyes,
Milani Blush in Tea Rose- This is a gorgeous bright matte pink blush that makes me look really healthy. It's fairly pigmented but quite bendable, and isn't the rose design stunning!
Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour in Seduction- I really love matte lips but they can be drying, however the formula of this is so comfortable. It smells really good and it's a lovely nude colour.
Soap and Glory Rich & Foamous Body Wash- This body wash is really moisturizing, it foams up really well and leaves my skin feeling super soft. I'm also totally addicted to the warm, almond honey scent.
Lorac Pro Palette- I have a full review of this palette that you can read here, but I've used this palette so much these last few months. It's perfect for everyday.
Posh Colouring Book- I suffer from anxiety and this past year has been extremely stressful for me so when my bestie gave me this colouring book I was really excited. I've found colouring to be very relaxing so I've been doing a lot of it these past few months.

It's almost time for my giveaway to thank you for staying with me during my hiatus this winter. Later this week my giveaway will go live so make sure you're following me on Bloglovin'

Lorac Pro Palette Review

I know I haven't posted much lately but things have quieted down these last few days so I've been trying to get as many posts made as possible. 
I've had this palette for about a month now so I've had some time to play around with it and give you my thoughts. Firstly I just want to say I wish Lorac was easier to get a hold of in Canada. I had to buy both my palettes while on trips in the US. 
I'm a big fan of this packaging. It's really thin and compact with a magnetic closure. The black is however very prone to getting dirty.
The formula of the shadows is probably one of my favourites. It's really pigmented and buttery and it blends really well. However these shadows are prone to fallout during application.
The choice of shades is perfect for any neutral look but there are also some fun pops of colour like Garnet and Deep Purple. With 8 matte shades on top and 8 shimmery shades on the bottom this is pretty close to what I would imagine the perfect palette to be. I'm totally in love.
My favourite shades in the palette are Taupe, Mauve, Nude, Garnet and Deep Purple. 
White and Cream aren't as pigmented as other shades and Champagne is beautiful but it has glitter which is especially prone to fallout.
Top: White, Cream, Taupe, Lt. Pink, Mauve, Sable, Espresso, Black
Bottom: Nude, Champagne, Gold, lt. Bronze, Pewter, Garnet, Deep Purple, Slate

Seeing as I have both of the Lorac Pro palettes, I thought I would do a quick comparison.
Honestly I love both palettes and I'm so happy I have them both. The original palette has warmer shades and contains more neutral colours while the Pro 2 palette is cooler and has a few more fun pops of colour. I think if you were only to buy one of the two I would suggest the original but both are different enough that there isn't much overlap in shade selection. At least that's how I've justified owning both. 
If you want to see my full review of the Pro 2 palette you can find it here.
Do you have either of the Lorac Pro palettes? What do you think?

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