Emma Hardie amazing face Moringa Cleansing Balm Review

This is a post I've been promising for a while so I thought it was only fitting that I end skincare week with my review of the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm.
I picked up this cleanser back in the summer when I was in a London Space NK and I have been using it ever since. I don't believe this cleanser is available in Canada but you can order it from Feel Unique. Unfortunately the exchange rate between the Canadian dollar and the UK pound makes this an extremely expensive cleanser (about $76) so I will be very sad when I have to replace it.
That being said, this is the best cleanser I've ever used (no exaggeration). I have very dry, sensitive skin and so cleansers that work with my skin are hard to find. They usually either irritate and cause breakouts or they over dry my skin leaving it feeling really tight and uncomfortable. This cleanser does none of those things! My skin always feels moisturized, soft and clean after I use this cleansing balm. I usually dread cleansing my face, it's one of my least favourite parts of my skincare routine but with this cleansing balm not only is it quick and easy, it's actually really enjoyable. 
The cleansing balm has a balmy texture that turns to an oil quickly when melted and a milk when mixed with water. It also has a really lovely fresh, citrus scent.

This cleanser claims that it:
- Thoroughly cleanses and moisturizes the skin
- Helps to purify and minimizes the appearance of pores
- is calming for sensitive skin
- is revitalizing for dull and mature skins
- Can be used as a rescue balm, i.e. on dry elbows or knees, or as a lip balm.
- Doubles as a soothing mask if left on the skin for ten minutes.
How to use it: I take a little in my hands and warm it up to turn it into an oil then I apply it directly to my dry face and massage it in. I have used this cleansing balm both to remove my makeup (which it does effortlessly, including waterproof mascara) as well as to cleanse after my makeup has been removed. Once it's been massaged in I add a little bit of water which turns it milky. I then use the double sided cloth that comes with it to remove the cleanser. I love using hot water to wet the cloth as it makes it really comforting and luxurious. I use the soft side of the cloth to wash off most of my face and then I use the exfoliating side to gently scrub the areas that have more dry skin.

So overall this is the best cleanser I've ever used and it is fully worth the expensive price tag. I highly recommend it. 

So that brings us to the end of Skincare Week, I hope you've enjoyed it!

Have you ever used this cleanser? How did you like it?

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