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My Blog just celebrated it's second Birthday so I thought I would share some tips I've learned in the 2 years I've been blogging.

  • Get a good website template! A good template makes your blog look much more professional. If you're good with HTML and can make your own template, I'm envious. If you're more like me, then there are lots of good templates you can buy for your blog. I got mine from Etsy at this shop. You don't have to spend a lot of money and you can adapt your template to fit your blog. 
  • Driving traffic to your blog is made so much easier with the use of Social Media. I use both Twitter and Instagram to promote my blog posts and since I started doing that my traffic has increased drastically. Use hashtags such as #bbloggers (if you're a beauty blogger) to expand your audience. You can follow me on both Twitter and Instagram @MakeupByMeggy.
  • Speaking of Social Media, you can put buttons on your blog that link to your social media. While you can buy buttons on Etsy, I made my own for free. I got the buttons from this site where there are lots of other options and instructions on how to make them. Try out my buttons in the sidebar to follow me!
  • Pictures are one of the most important parts of any blog post. I'm not the best with photos, but I've learned some tips to make my pictures look better. Editing your photos is important. My favourite photo editing websites are Canva and PicMonkey. Canva is perfect for adding graphics or titles to pictures while I use PicMonkey mainly for a tool called teeth whiten which is great at making my pictures brighter and whiter.
  • Another Important aspect is the background. Try to come up with your own style of background. I like backgrounds that are light and bright. I'll often have a candle or some sort of prop in the background.
1. Found Here. I used a sparkly silver feather from a craft store. 
2. Found Here. I used a magazine. 
3. Found Here. I used a variety of leaves in different fall colours. 
4. Found Here. I used tissue paper to make a colourful background.

  • As important as good photos are to attract people to your post, good writing is probably the most important part of blogging. Try to find your own voice and your own style. Don't try to be something you're not by trying to sound like everyone else.
  • Do it because you love it! If you're blogging for fame or fortune, it's going to be obvious to your readers. Having a love for what your doing will come out in your writing, will help ensure your content is good and that you remain committed to your blog overtime.
  • Develop a schedule. It's good for your readers to know when to expect a post. I post every Monday and Wednesday and I rarely stray from that schedule without letting my readers know.
I hope these tips have helped you with your own blogging, encouraged you to start your own blog, or taught you something new.
Do you have any Blogging Tips to share?

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