it Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette Review

This is a pretty unique palette that I picked up at Ulta in the States. It consists of 14 matte shadows and one called "transforming pearl" that can turn the shadows satin. The packaging is soft and velvety which is fairly unique in makeup packaging but it can be prone to collecting dirt. The actual shadows themselves aren't normal matte shadows either. They have the best consistency I've ever seen in a matte. They are very buttery and bendable and not at all powdery and stiff like which are characteristics that usually plague matte shadows. Most of the shades are very pigmented as well.

There are really no duds in this palette and I couldn't even choose a favourite. The shades with the best pigmentation in my opinion are Sunrise and Sunset, unfortunately with my skin tone they aren't the most wearable colours. I prefer wearing these colours without the transforming pear, I find it mostly just mutes the colour and doesn't make it very satin.

Swatches: Sheer Joy, Soft Light, Warmth, Soulful, Mocha, Violet. Midnight, Noir, Love, Sunrise, Sunset, All Heart, Java, Iconic

With Transforming Pearl on top

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