My Makeup Storage and Organization

 I am finally happy with the organization and storage of my makeup. For my birthday I got this vanity set from Bed, Bath and Beyond, It has a tri-fold mirror and a fake marble counter top. Since I finally got my lights installed my setup is now perfect.  I loved looking over other people's makeup storage and organization systems when I was figuring doing mine so I thought I'd share how it turned out.

 I store my brushes in a planter I cleaned up and filled with beads. I separated them by face and eyes. (They are mostly Zoeva or Real Techniques)

 My favourite perfumes and body sprays as well as my everyday makeup bag.

I keep my most used skincare very reachable. (Makeup remover, daily moisturizer and night oil)

 I got this storage container from Amazon and it's been perfect. The top drawer is all my eyeliners, eyeshadow pencils, any extra brow products or unused mascara. The second drawer is all blushers and the bottom drawer is bronzers and highlighters as well as any extra powder products.

In my vanity drawer I keep my foundations as well as cotton pads, my bag of sample products and samples I'm currently trying out. I also store my brush cleaner spray here.

In the big cabinet I have two storage systems. I also keep any extra products, travel products or products I didn't like and am going to give away stored in the back.

I keep all my lip products stored in this 4 drawer system. I sorted by colour (R to L) nude, red, pink and plums.

In the open drawer system I have on the top shelf I keep all my eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes in the front. To be honest this is my favourite part of my collection.

In the back of that system I keep the skincare products that I use less often.

I will eventually continue with my makeup collection posts. See previous posts for my blush, bronzer/highlighter, lip butter/crayon collections and everyday makeup bag.

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