Candle Collection

I don't light many candles in the spring and summer but as soon as fall hits, the flames start flickering again. It turns out I have quite a few candles and I thought I would share them with you. I split them into categories; warm scents, holiday scents and fresh scents.

Warm Scents

  • Bath and Body Works - Hot Buttered Rum: This smells sweet and spicy, kind of like syrup but with a kick. I absolutely love it!
  • Bath and Body Works - London Calling: This smells exactly as it's described, like Earl Grey Tea and Lemon.
  • Bath and Body Works - Warm Vanilla Sugar: Another candle with an accurate name. Although never lit, this sits on my bedside table and gives off enough scent that I may never light it.

Holiday Scents

  • Candle-Lite - Cinnamon Spice: This is strongly scented with cinnamon and other scents that just scream Christmas!
  • Candle-Lite- Buttercream Pumpkin: Although technically not a candle, I love these highly scented sweet pumpkin smelling wax cubes to fragrance a room this time of year.
  • Shoppers Drug Mart- Pumpkin Maple Tart Harvest: This is by far my favourite candle besides the beautiful copper, the scent is just the right mix of sweet and pumpkin.

Fresh Scents

  • Bath and Body Works - Garden Strawberry: This is a sickly sweet strawberry smelling candle.
  • Willow Lane - Cucumber & Cantaloupe: A surprising combination that creates the freshest most relaxing scent. One of my favs!
  • Debi Lilly- Current: These came in a set of 4 and they are not too strong but give off a light, fresh scent of blackberry and french cassis.
  • Bath and Body Works - Caribbean Escape: This is a very strong mix of pineapple, casaba melon and coconut, not my favourite.
I hope you've enjoyed this quick look at my candle collection. 

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