Why I Love Makeup

We're all here because we love makeup. I mean you're reading a beauty blog so I can only assume you share my love for makeup. I thought it was time to explain why I love it!

Makeup is good for making you feel more beautiful and more confident but, to be honest, I have become completely comfortable going out with no makeup at all. The reason I love makeup is for the creativity. I love playing with new products and experimenting with colours, especially when it comes to eyeshadow. For me, makeup is art. To save myself from becoming really cheesy, I thought I would just leave a few of my more artistic eyeshadow looks. I don't believe I'm the best at doing makeup but it's fun and it allows me to use my imagination.

Bleeding Hearts Flower
I was inspired by the colours in this photo I took of the bleeding heart flowers in my backyard. I wanted to do an eyeshadow look that incorporated the pinks and greens.
flower eyeshadow look
I used Jade from Lorac in the outer corner, the Green Lid shade from Wet and Wild Comfort Zone and Posh from Smashbox on the inner half.
If you follow me on my Instagram you'll have probably seen this Earth Day inspired eyeshadow look.
earth eyeshadow look
The name and brand of the palette I used rubbed off, sorry! It was nothing special though. Any blues and greens would do. 
I love makeup because it allows me to be creative and artistic. 

Why do you love Makeup?

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