My Travel Makeup Bag

I'm going on a trip soon and thought I'd share what makeup products I'm bringing with me.

The bag I'm using for travel was cheap from Walmart and it has two clear sides. One side I use for beauty and the other side I use for all my other hygiene products such as shampoo and deodorant. It's a big enough bag to fit everything I need and the pockets are clear so I can see everything  inside.

When packing my makeup I like to keep in mind that I will probably (definitely) buy more makeup while I'm away so I don't want to bring too much if I'm going to be adding to it anyway. However I'm also aware that pictures are a very common thing on vacations so I do want to be at least presentable if I'm going to be captured on camera for all eternity. Another thing I take into account is that it is summer and so SPF and a makeup setting spray are more important.

Because it's a vacation I'm  more lazy when it comes to cleansing so I'm bringing cleansing towelettes. A moisturizer with SPF is also important so I have one with SPF 30.
 In the summer I don't like to wear foundation so I usually use concealer to cover any blemishes or dark circles and then I use powder to set and blur any other imperfections.
I can't go anywhere without my UD Primer Potion and with the summer heat I don't want my makeup sweating off my face so it becomes even more important. The same goes for the UD makeup setting spray.

I'm bringing my UD Naked Basics because it is my favourite palette, i use it everyday for my brows and as a highlight and because it's the perfect size for travel. It doesn't really have any shimmery eyshadows so I'm also bringing my Wet & Wild Comfort Zone palette because it's small in size but has a wide variety of shimmer shades. It will give me more options for different looks.
I'm bringing a brown pencil liner and a black liquid liner just to give me options as well as a mascara.

I'm only taking 3 lip products because I assume I'll buy some while I'm away. I have a darker redish-pink for nights where I want to dress up and for everyday NYX's Beige over Revlon's Honey is my favourite  lip combination.

 I'm not bringing very many brushes with me. I have my MAC 217 because it is the best eyeshadow brush around but I'm bringing another eyeshadow brush too just because. I have my Real Techniques Brow and Multitasker brush as well as a travel Revlon brush. I'm carrying them all in a Real Techniques case.
Batiste or some kind of dry shampoo is important when travelling to keep your hair looking nice for pictures. I also have a sharpener because I've run into trouble on past trips for forgetting one. Also because I'm bringing so few brushes I'm also bringing my brush cleaner. Perhaps it will be unnecessary but we'll see.

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