Naked 3 vs. La Palette Nude 2

I promised a while ago that I would do a post comparing the new(ish) L'Oreal La Palette Nude 2 with the Urban Decay Naked 3. Both are rosy themed palettes with combination of shimmery and matte shadows and a really pigmented formulation. The L'Oreal palette has a few more brown shades where as the UD palette sticks to the roses and taupes. The shimmery shadows in Naked 3 are also more creamy but have more fallout. I'm a pretty big fan of the matte shadows in both palettes. The Naked 3 palette has 2 more shades but it's about $30 more.

La Palette Nude 2
Naked 3
I honestly believe if you are a fan of rosey shades like me, these palettes complement each other; they're not exact dupes. 
Some of the matte shades from both palettes from darkest to lightest. 
Nooner, 3, Limit, 8, Strange

There were 3 dupes I was able to find in the palette. None of them are exact dupes but they are similar shades and formulations.
Burnout (lower) and 2 (upper)
 Darkside (lower) and 5 (upper)
Factory (lower) and 7 (upper)

Overall if you don't often wear rose eyeshadows then you wouldn't need both palettes. The L'Oreal is the cheaper option and in my opinion is just as good. But for any eyeshadow palette lovers there is enough difference in the palettes to justify having both in your collection. I actually love using them together to come up with different looks.

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