The Blush Tag

I've seen this tag going around YouTube the last few weeks and since I love blush I just knew I had to do it. I'm not tagging anyone specifically but if you do the tag, let me know because I would love to see your answers to these questions.


1. Best Packaging - Tarte Pin up Girl Palette: This was a limited edition palette so I don't know if  it's cheating to include it, but it has the prettiest packaging. It looks like a clutch and comes with a nice big mirror. I just think it's so cute.

2. Prettiest Color - Milani Luminoso: This was hard to choose but Luminoso is just the perfect shimmery peach. I especially love wearing it in the summer when I have a bit of a tan. It makes you look so luminous.

3. Most Pigmented - Nars Orgasm: It's almost too pigmented, my other Nars blush isn't anywhere near this pigmented. I'm not sure if the formulation is just different or what.

4. Everyday Blush - NYX Angel: It's such a nice pale, matte pink, totally perfect for everyday. It's subtle but still gives a nice wash of colour.

5. Party Blush - Tarte Glisten: It's a lovely shimmery peachy pink with gold flecks. It acts like a blush and highlight all in one. It also goes with lots of different eyeshadow looks.

6. Regret Purchasing - NYX Cream Blush in Hot Pink: I love the colour so I don't know if I actually regret purchasing it, I just don't reach for cream blushes very often so I feel like it's going to waste.

7. Least Used - Milani Red Vino: This is such a beautiful shade but it's fairly dark so it takes a light hand and a lot of blending so I don't reach for it as often as I should.

8. Most Used/Would Never Let Go Of - Nars Deep Throat: This is literally my all time favourite blush. Whenever I need to look put together and don't know what to wear, I always reach for this blush. It's a beautiful peach with just a bit of shimmer. I'm surprised I haven't reached pan yet as there's a significant dip.

9. Favorite Blush Brand - Benefit: This was hard to decide but I have quite a few Benefit blushes and I really love them. Rockateur, Dandelion and CORALista are some of my favourites. I also like the scent.

10. Greatest Blush Discovery of Last Year -Lancome Blush Subtil Aplum: I was addicted to this plum shade last fall and the formula is great, blendable and not too pigmented which is good for such a dark colour.

 11. Most Practical - Sleek Palette in Pink Lemonade: This is a beautiful blush palette with 3 shades; a shimmery pink, a cream matte pink and a shimmery peach. I think with it's variety of shades and finishes it's perfect for travelling. The packaging is also really thin and comes with a big mirror so if find it really practical to travel with.

12. Least Practical - Maybelline Master Glaze in Make a Mauve: I'm saying this blush is impractical mostly because I don't like the formula as it requires sooo much blending. The colour also isn't practical for someone with as fair skin as me. (I received this blush in an Ipsy bag).

13. Most Expensive - Lancome: is the most expensive blush I own at $40.50.

14. Least Expensive - NYX: is the least expensive blush I own with blushes as low as $8.

15. Best Blush Palette - Benefit Box o' Blushes: This was another limited edition Christmas blush palette but Benefit has some of my favourite blushes so to get them all in one palette is really convenient. The packaging however is awful, really bulky and tacky but the product inside is worth it! 

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