Items You Need for an Easier Beauty Routine!

 Most of my posts are focused on makeup or beauty products, but I thought I should show some love to the everyday items that make my beauty routine easier. These are pretty universal products as most are really easy/cheap to get a hold of.

Hair Bun Holder- I'll start with items I use to clean my brushes. It may seem strange, but a hair bun holder is your best friend when it comes to changing shades while using the same brush. With just a few swirls of your brush on the hair bun you can remove any power product from your brush. That way you can change the colour of your shadows while still using the same brush. It works like magic and as long as you're gentle (as you always should be when cleaning your brushes!) there's no damage to you brush. Plus a bun holder is very inexpensive.

Daily Brush Cleaner- When you want a better clean for your brush or if you have a brush you've been using for a cream product, you'll need something a little stronger. This is where a liquid spot cleaner is important. With just a spritz on your brush and some (gentle) rubbing on a cotton pad, your brush can look like new again. However it does take some time to dry which is why it's not ideal to use when applying your makeup. I use the Sephora Brand Daily Makeup Bush Cleaner.

Dove Soap- Finally, every few weeks your brushes need a deep clean. For this I love using Dove Baby Wash and Shampoo because it's super gentle on my brushes and it leaves them really clean. (Let me know if you would be interested in an entire post on how I clean my brushes).

Tweezers- There are so many uses for tweezers from plucking stray hairs to applying false lashes, tweezers are a must in anyone's beauty arsenal. 

Cotton Buds- These are perfect for fixing any smudges and dipped in makeup remover they can remove mistakes and even help sharpen the edge of your fierce eyeliner flick.

Cotton Pads- From removing makeup, nail polish or cleaning brushes, I don't know how I would do my makeup without these cotton pads. My favourites are the Large Square Cotton Pads from Quo. They're soft but they don't fall apart on me.

Hair Clip- If you have long hair or bangs, a clip will help keep your hair out of your face when you're doing your makeup. With foundation especially, you want to blend into your hairline to make sure you avoid that pesky foundation line so I find clipping my hair back really helps with this.

Nothing I mentioned in this post was over $11 and everything should be fairly accessible. I hope this post has helped provide you with some ideas on how to make your makeup routine easier. 

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