My Eyelash Nightmare

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My Experience
So a while ago when I was first getting into makeup I had a tramatizing incident with a pair of eyelash curlers. I was half asleep and getting ready for school when *pluck* I had pulled a chunk of my eyelashes out. I ended up loosing about a dozen lashes from the inner to middle part of my right eye. I was horrified! I turned to the internet to find out what to do and how long I would have to live with lopsided eyelashes. What I found was that this is a common problem whether you had an accident with a curler, false lashes gone wrong or have Trichotillomania. Google says:
"Eyelashes take about seven to eight weeks to grow back if pulled out but constant pulling can lead to permanent damage"
I found out this is very dependent on which stage of growth your eyelashes were in at the time. I consider myself very lucky this was not my experience. By about two weeks I had decent sized baby lashes and by a month I was pretty much back to normal.  For those that may not be so lucky, I thought I would share some tips I employed to make my lashes look presentable again.

Tips and Tricks

Olive Oil
I dabbed the smallest amount on my eyelid before bed for about a month after I lost my eyelashes. I think it really helped speed up the growing process . I would caution not to actually get it in your eyes though, it stings!

I found eyeliner made all the difference. Using a black liner to tightline made my lashes look fuller and took emphasis away from the missing lashes. Also drawing a thicker line with a black eyeliner (I would suggest liquid or gel, not pencil). With dramatic liner, your lashes kinda fall into the background.

A good lengthening and thickening mascara is important but I found it was my bottom lash mascara from Clinique that made all the difference. The tiny brush made it easy to get at my tiny returning lashes making them look longer and more defined.

False Lashes
I never used false lashes but if you feel you need to, individual lashes could be used to fill in any gaps. I didn't use any because I was worried about damaging a sensitive area even more however lashes do serve a purpose greater than just aesthetics. Lashes keep dust and debris from reaching your eye so if you've lost your entire lashline you might want to use them to keep your eyes safe.

Let them Breath
Have no makeup days whenever you can and let them naturally take care of themselves.

I hope this can provide some help to someone who might be going through a traumatizing lash experience like I had. If you have ever had a traumatizing makeup experience let me know so we can commiserate.

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