How Much Does My Makeup Collection Cost?

This is a post I've seen other bloggers do recently and I thought it would be an interesting follow up post to my Makeup Collection Series I posted last week. I've only included my makeup products and not skincare. It's interesting to see how much money I've spent on makeup over the years. It would appear I have a fairly expensive collection. I've calculated the cost based on Canadian Dollars. Also a large percentage of my collection has been gifts from family or friends. I've been very lucky!
Bronzer- $68
Blush- $143
Highlighters- $86
Cheek Palettes- $165
Face Products (Foundation, Powder, Concealer etc.)- $272
Single Eyeshadow- $192
Eyeshadow Palletes- $443
Mascara- $56
Eyeliners- $339
Brows- $34
Lip Products- $413
Brushes- $249

Grand Total: $2460

How much is your collection worth?

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  1. I'd hate to even think about this. Mine would come to soooo much!
    You sound like you've got a pretty decent collection

    1. Haha yeah it was kind of overwhelming calculating it all up but interesting to see how much my collection is worth.