How to make your Lipstick Last

Welcome to the 12 Days of Blogmas - Day 5

I love wearing bright red lipstick during the holidays but I hate how high maintenance it is. I don't want to be worrying about if my lipstick has smudged all over my face or whether it's faded, so I thought I would share my best tips to make your lipstick last all night, including through those delicious holiday dinners. I did this trick last Christmas and my lipstick looked great all night!
So what you'll need is your favourite lipstick, some tissue, a powder brush and some translucent loose powder.

Start by applying your lipstick like normal. Then take your tissue and place it over your lips. This actually works better if you use thinner tissues (2ply or less). Then take a decent amount of powder on your brush and brush that over your lips. This will set the lipstick in place and make it last all day. You can also use this method to make any lipstick matte. A word of warning, this will dry out your lips a little.

Hopefully this tip helps you keep your lipstick looking great this holiday season! Remember to come back tomorrow for more of the 12 Day of Blogmas!

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  1. I also love a red lip around the holiday season! And I love the color you're wearing in the photo, such a pretty shade.

    1. Thanks, it's Siren in Red by Maybelline.