The Winter Tag

Welcome to the 12 Days of Blogmas - Day 3

Last year I did the Christmas tag and all my answers are still the same this year so if you want to read that post you can find it here. This year for something different I thought I would do the Winter Tag. I found these questions on

1. What are your favourite things about winter?
I like how cosy everything feels in winter where you can curl up under a blanket beside the fire. I like how clean things look with a nice white layer of snow. I love the holidays and the week between Christmas and New Years. For things I don't like about winter, I hate that where I live it lasts 5-6 months and I really hate when it's -40C.
2. What is your favourite winter outfit?
I like to be warm in the winter so I wear a sweater everyday. When I'm at home I pretty much live in sweat pants and an oversized hoodie.
3. What is your favourite winter food?
I love Christmas cookies, baking and all things sweet. Warm foods like soup are also really nice in the winter.
4. Favourite Winter Drink?
I have a green tea latte everyday (recipe here) but at Christmas I especially love the Caramel Brulee Latte from Starbucks. It's heaven in a cup.
5. How do you like to do your makeup in the winter?
As my skin gets ridiculously dry in the winter I don't wear as much foundation as it tends to look cakey. My makeup usually consists of concealer, shimmery champagne or light pink eyeshadow, mascara, a mauve blush and a dark berry or red lip.
6. What are you hoping Santa brings you?
I would really like a laptop/camera bag from Kelly Moore.
7. What are the first 3 things that remind you of winter?
The first snow fall of the year.
Making my amazing Ginger Cookies (recipe coming soon)
When all the Christmas Lights get put up around the city.
8. What is your favourite winter song?
I don't really have a favourite but I like the Charlie Brown Christmas CD.
9. What is your favourite winter scent?
By far my favourite is Bath and Body Works - Winter Candy Apple. I'm totally obsessed. 

Everyone is tagged to answer these questions. Let me know if you do this tag so I can check yours out! And remember to come back tomorrow for more of the 12 Days of Blogmas.

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