Top 10 Makeup Tips

A lot of my posts are geared towards those who have as big of an obsession with makeup as I do, but I tend to forget that not all that long ago I was just a makeup newbie. I decided to compile a list of the top makeup tips that I have learned since getting into makeup. So whether makeup is your life or you're just getting started, hopefully there will be some tips here that can help you.

  1. Apply foundation in downward strokes- If you're using a brush to apply your foundation make sure to always brush downwards. This will allow for a more flawless finish. Everyone has tiny hairs on their face and when you brush upward you are upsetting those hairs. By brushing downward you are keeping the hairs in their place and creating a more flawless application. This is also a great tip for anyone who is dealing with dry skin and foundation that sticks to your dry patches. 
  2. Always blend your foundation down your neck- You can end up with an unflattering foundation line if you stop applying foundation at your chin. So when you're applying your foundation, just bring it down you neck a little. To make the line even more seamless, when buying foundation you should be trying to match your foundation shade to your neck and not your face.
  3. Brows are the most important part of your routine, they deserve attention- It took me a really long time to buy into the whole brow thing but now that I have I can't believe I ever went without doing them. It's true what they say brows frame your whole face. They really make the biggest difference to how your makeup looks. If you are feeling at all uncomfortable, you can leave the plucking and shaping to the professionals but having a good everyday brow routine is important.
  4. Blend, Blend, Blend- The key to every makeup look is blending. Whether it's eyeshadow, foundation or contour, blending is going to make the biggest different to flawless looking makeup. If you are having trouble making your eyeshadow look like the tutorials on YouTube, chances are you just need to spend more time blending. You can also fix lots of powder makeup mistake by just blending it out.
  5. Remove all your makeup at night- Your skin rejuvenates and repairs itself while you sleep and it cannot do that properly if it's covered in makeup and bacteria from the day before. Whether it's makeup wipes, a micellaier water or a full face wash, removing your makeup each night will greatly improve your skin.
  6. That little open jar tells you when your makeup expires- Most makeup will tell you right on it how long it will last. I know I was shocked when I learned that the little open jar picture on products (also known as a Period After Opening symbol) tells you how many months the product will last . Powders will usually last longer than cream products. With some products (such as some powders) you can get away with using them longer, but anything that goes near your eyes (such as mascara) or lips (such as lipstick) should be tossed after they expire.
    PAO symbol
    Examples of  PAO symbols on products 
  7. Clean your brushes regularly- Brushes can be the handiest tools in your makeup arsenal but if they're really dirty they're going to do more harm than good. Dirty brushes are going to give a streaky application and they hold bacteria that can make you breakout. On that note, never blow on your brushes. Tap to get extra product off, as blowing puts bacteria on your brush. Even if they're only your germs, it can still cause breakouts.
  8. Use the right contour shade for your skintone- This is possibly the most perpetuated beauty mistake. I used to think bronzers could be used to contour with and I know a lot of people still believe this. Contours and bronzers have very different functions. When contouring you are creating a shadow and therefore matte, grey toned powders will work best. Bronzers warm up the skin and go where the sun would normally hit. They are often more orange toned and can have shimmer.
  9. Invest in Skincare - It took me a while to get on board with this one because skincare isn't nearly as fun to buy as makeup. But makeup applies better and looks more flawless when your skin is well taken care of. You don't need to buy the most expensive skincare products, just pay attention to what you're putting on your face. 
  10. Use your mascara to get a false lash effect- There are lots of techniques out there that tell you how to apply mascara but this is the technique that works best for me, regardless of the mascara. First coat the underside of you lashes using a wiggly motion starting at the root, then go back and coat the top of your lashes making sure to get the ends. The go back and give it another coat like usual. I get asked if I'm wearing false lashes often and it's all down to this technique. 
Top 10 Makeup Tips

I hope these tips were helpful. If you have any good makeup tips be sure to leave them in the comments!

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  1. These are excellent beauty tips! I agree with you about skincare. I tend to not invest in skincare as much as makeup because it isn't as exciting like getting a new lipstick or eyeshadow palette. Your skin is your canvas and should be clean and clear so the makeup will look flawless. It took me a bit to realize that too. Since I have been taking care of my skin more my foundation looks great now. Great post! :)

    Maryam ox

    1. Thanks! Exactly! I find my makeup looks a lot better when my skin is well taken care of, even if skincare isn't the most exciting thing to buy.