Makeup Tips for Glasses Wearers

I wear glasses every single day. Unfortunately I don't have contacts yet so I'm stuck with glasses if I want to be able to see. I've come up with some tips for others who wear glasses.

1. Eyebrows- Glasses draw attention to your face so you want to make sure your brows are filled and neat. In my opinion this is the most important tip for glasses wearers.

2. Concealer- Glasses can cast a shadow and make your dark under eye circles appear even darker so a good under eye concealer or correcter is a must.

3. Eyeliner- Your prescription can make your eyes appear smaller if you are near-sighted like me. To draw attention to the eyes and make them look bigger I like to use heavy liner on top and a nude liner on the bottom.

4. Go Dramatic- This isn't so much of a tip as it is an upside of wearing glasses. Since your eyeshadow is hidden behind your glasses, you can get away with more dramatic makeup during the day without looking overdone.

5. Curl your Lashes- For me this is an important step. I have long lashes which is often considered a good thing but when your mascara is leaving streaks on your glasses it can become a pain. Curling your lashes doesn't just help your eyes look bigger it can keep the lashes off the lenses.

6. Invest in a Makeup Mirror- Lastly, something people who aren't near-sighted may not think of is the need to invest in a makeup mirror. I know I have trouble doing my makeup if I can't see myself clearly in the mirror and even though I have a vanity table, the mirror is too far away. Using a mirror that comes in a product can become a pain when you now only have one hand to do all your makeup (plus those mirrors are usually pretty tiny). So a makeup mirror is essential.

Here are how some of the tips look with glasses.

What are your tips for wearing makeup and glasses?

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  1. This is so helpful! I don't wear my glasses much as I have contact lenses but I will definitely be using these tips next time! I’ve just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award :)
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