Teal Liner for Neutral Lovers

I would definitely consider myself a neutral lover. Although I like the idea of bright and colourful makeup, I definitely feel it's too far out of my comfort zone to be able to pull it off. I have this beautiful teal liner that I've been dying to find a way to make wearable for everyday. So I've come up with some solutions.

A really subtle way to add some colour to your eyeliner look is by first drawing your regular liner on in black. I prefer to use liquid liner but gel or a pencil liner would also work. Then just draw over the liner with your teal colour. From far away it just looks black but up close and in certain lights the teal really shines.
The second option is to use the teal in your waterline. This gives that pop of colour but isn't too over powering. I also find it makes the whites of your eyes look whiter. With both these looks I wanted to keep the eyeshadow really neutral so I just used a matte shade in my crease. 
If you're feeling a little brave. You can do both.
If I'm wearing a bright colour I like to keep the rest of my makeup really natural. With this eye look, I wore a matte bronzer and a subtle highlighter with no blush, as well as nude-pink lips. I really like the look of bright liner in the spring and summer and with these tips I feel any colour can be made wearable for everyday.

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