Non-Beauty Favourites

My first post with my new blog template. I'm very happy with it and I hope you guys like it too. I've never done a Non-Beauty Favourites post before but I've been loving a lot of things lately that I thought I would share with everyone.
Heart Necklace
I got this necklace as a birthday gift last month. (Click here to see what else I got for my birthday). I have gotten so many compliments on it. It’s so gorgeous with a combination of gold, rose gold and sparkly silver. It comes from a store in Brighton called the Red Gecko. 

Ikea Pig
I have the bestest best friend ever! My Bestie knew that I had been feeling a little down the last few weeks so she got me this adorable and soft stuffed pig to cuddle. Isn’t that sweet! I believe I’ve mentioned it on my blog a few times before but I’m absolutely obsessed with Pigs and I collect anything to do with them so this was the perfect pick me up.

Bath and Body Works London Calling Candle
This tea and lemon scented candle smells so good. I think it’s perfect for autumn when things are starting to get cooler out and iced tea gets replaced with cozy cups of hot tea. I’ve been burning it a lot lately.

Matcha Green Tea
I start every morning with a Matcha Green Tea Latte. I absolutely love Matcha powder! Besides the health benefits, it just tastes amazing. If you’ve never heard of Matcha before it is finely ground up green tea leaves. My favourite order at Starbucks is the Green Tea Latte and with this powder you can make Starbucks quality drinks at home. If anyone is interested I can do a recipe post on how I make my Matcha Latte’s. I get my Matcha from a health food store near me but David’s Tea also stocks it.

Clear Eyes Eyedrops
Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Loose! This is kind of a weird favourite to have but I have been wearing my contacts a lot lately and combined with allergies, my eyes have been really red and itchy. These eye drops have been a real life saver. 

Forever 21 Backpack
This is the backpack I wore all over the UK and Ireland this summer. It’s small and cute so I still looked fashionable but it was able to hold all the things I needed it to for each day trip. It has a nice big zip front pocket with gold hardware and two small side pockets. 

Daily Planner
We’re back to September. To be completely honest this is one of my least favourite months of the year. I always find the transition from the relaxed summer months to the entirely hectic back to school month of September really hard. I know without my daily planner, my life would a mess. This planner makes it really easy to organize my days while also giving me a week at a glance. It’s also super cute and colourful. I got my planner from Indigo.

My forever favourite! I missed my little boy so much while I was away for a month this summer. This is Digby and he’s my 11 year old Maltese/Havanese dog. He’s completely adorable and cuddly but he’s also full of energy. He brightens my day everyday.

What have your non-beauty favourites been this month?

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