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This is a very different style post for my blog. Until now my blog has been almost exclusively makeup and beauty, and I will continue to post mostly makeup or beauty content but I thought I would also branch out a little so a few times a month you might find a non-beauty post.
I love decorating and I am very happy with my room at the moment so I thought I would share a few of my favourite parts.
The colour theme for my room includes purples, lime green and grey as displayed by my curtains (Ikea)
The flower twinkle lights on my very purple bed - they're not plugged in so it's safe
My bedroom light is this beautiful chandelier from Ikea
My bed side table with my beautiful lamp
My makeup vanity
We've now finished the tour of my main room, now onto my sun-room which is adjacent to my bedroom.
I have a map with pins showing where I've been and where I want to go
My inspirational Disney quote
My big bookshelf - sorry it's so unorganized and messy!
My smaller hidden bookshelf (My dad actually made this bookshelf for me) and butterfly ceiling decal 
My couch-  perfect for snuggling up with a book (or textbook ugh!)
I hope you've enjoyed this small tour around my room! 
There are many things missing which may mean a Room Tour pt.2 in the future (feat. my desk, dresser, canopy bed etc.). Let me know if you want any more information on any of the items I've shown.
Do you have any favourite items in your room?

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