Zoella Beauty Review

Zoella is a well know entity in the beauty community. If you don't know who she is I'm just going to assume you live under a rock. About a year ago Zoe launched a beauty line with lots of wonderful bath products. Just this summer she added a new range of fruity scented products. 
When I was in the UK this summer I stopped into Superdrug and picked up some items from both her original and new ranges.
Fizz Bar Bath Fizzers
This is one of the products that launched with the original Zoella Beauty scent. I think I slightly prefer this scent to the new fruity scent. These fizzers make a bath much more enjoyable. The scent is really relaxing and the fizzing is fun to watch. This product looks like a chocolate bar and gets broken up into 8 squares. I usually put 2 in my bath. How cute is this packaging! I love the pink polka dots and the rose gold detailing. This is my favourite product from her entire line.

 Fresh Fizz Bath Fizzer
This is very similar to the original Bath Fizz but with the new fruity scent. This scent is very fresh and I find makes for a more rejuvenating bath than a relaxing one. Another difference is the squares are broken up a little differently. The packaging on this product is cute too. I especially like the lace.

Candy Cream Softening Body Lotion
I really love this body lotion. It has the same fruity scent as the others in this range. This lotion sinks in really fast and there are little bursting beads that make your skin feel much softer and smoother. It also is very hydrating.

Kissy Missy Lip Balm
I'm also a big fan of this hot pink tinted lip balm. It has a sweet scent and feels really moisturizing on the lips. The colour can be built up to be a really intense pink but applied lightly it just gives the lips a light flush of colour. The one downside for me is these lip balm pots feel a little unhygienic.

Just to clarify this post is NOT sponsored, I am just a fan of Zoe and her line.
If you want to get her products, you can find them here.
If, for some reason, you've never watched any of Zoe's video's (and you've crawled out from under that rock) you can visit her youtube channel here.

What your favourite product from Zoella Beauty? It was just announced Zoe has a Christmas Range so what are you most looking forward to getting?

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