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I've heard a lot of good things about essence eyeshadows lately so last time I was in the drugstore I picked up a couple of palettes.

The first one is all about nude. It has 6 pinky, taupe shades. I wouldn't say this is exactly a nude palette but all the shadow are wearable for everyday.  I was very impressed with these shadows. They are very creamy and pigmented for drugstore shadows. I found the darker shades were more a little better, more pigmented but all the shades are good. This retails for $4.99.
The first shadow is a shimmery, sheer highlight.
The second is a light pink somewhere between a satin and a matte.
The next shade is a beautiful shimmer light taupe (purplish silver). It was probably the least pigmented of all the shadows but it can be built up.
The start of the next row is a kind of a duo-chrome pink shimmer.
The fifth shade is a very pigmented satin taupe (greyish brown).
The last shade in this palette is a gorgeous satin plum and my favourite. It is probably the most pigmented and creamy shadow in this palette.

The second palette I picked up is a limited edition makeup box 'how to make NUDE eyes'. I was very impressed, it reminds me of something high end.  I'll start with the packaging. It's a little bulky but it has a usable mirror and comes with a compartment to house 'how to' cards. The closure is magnetic and feels very secure. It seems very high quality for drugstore. It retails for $9.99.
 There are 6 neutral shadows inside. Like the other essence palette, the darker shades are generally more creamy and pigmented.
eye light beige - very sheer shimmer highlight
go for gold - shimmer muted gold
an eye on apricot - pinky peach shimmer
all about nude - purple gray shimmer
nude night out - dark brown satin
team nude - bronze satin

 Let me know if you would like to see looks done with either of these palettes.

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