Festive Eyeliner Look - ❄ Blogmas

This is a festive twist on a classic eyeliner look that is appropriate for any upcoming holiday functions. 

For this look I used Nudie, Silk Teddy and Honey Pot from the Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette.
I prepped  my eyes by putting concealer on my lids to block out the look of any veins. I lightly dusted Nudie through my crease to give it some definition. The rest of the look concentrated on eyeliner.
I started by using a liquid liner (Jordana FabuLiner) and doing a wing. You can use tape to help make sure you get an even wing. Line the tape up from your bottom lashes toward your brows and then draw your line. Q-tips and makeup remover are your friend, you can always fix a mistake. I drew a fairly think line because I wanted it to be dramatic but you can draw the line with whatever thickness you want.
Next I took some MAC Fix+ and wet a liner brush. I used Honey Pot and drew a line of gold above the winged liner I had already done. I took the gold a little past the end of the liquid liner on the wing.

I used Silk Teddy as an innercorner highlight. I finished by curling my lashes and putting mascara on the top and bottom lashes. I also tightlined using Maybelline's Master Drama in Midnight Master.

My suggestion to finish this look would be a bright red lipstick. I used the Maybelline Matte Lipstick in Siren in Scarlet.

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