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It's no secret that I think Tarte makes the best blushes so I was beyond thrilled to receive a palette with 5 limited edition Amazonian Clay blushes. Over the past few days I've been playing around with the palette and have formed my opinion.
I'll start with the packaging. I am in love with the packaging on this palette. It looks like an adorable clutch. It feels very high quality and luxurious. It also comes with two wearable bobby pins. Inside the palette has a large mirror and the five blushes. I find it a little annoying that the names are only included on a translucent sheet and not on the actual palette itself. Like the original blushes the designs on the blushes are beautiful.

This was the blush I liked least in the entire palette and the only blush that didn't work for me. It's a light beige peach. I found it was too light for my skin tone so it didn't show up very well and coupled with poor pigmentation, it just didn't work. I just found I was a little disappointed in this blush.
I actually did swatch this blush but you can't really tell.
This is a gorgeous satin plum blush. It is dark but not too dark for my fair skin. This shade is very pigmented but with a light hand it gives a really radiant splash of colour to your cheeks.

This is by far my favourite blush in the palette. It is a very bright pink matte blush. This is also a very pigmented blush so a light hand is crucial. I think this shade actually looks the most natural on me giving me healthy looking rosy cheeks. I will say this shade is a little bit powdery but still my fav.


This is a satin dark peach blush. Once again this is a crazy pigmented blush. It shows up a little bit reddish on my skin but it still looks really pretty and natural.

This is a matte mauve blush. Like bashful it shows up a little bit red on my skin but it's not too dark or unnatural. It's also quite pigmented.

Overall this is an amazing blush palette. It is limited edition so I don't know if it is still available but if you can get your hands on it, I would highly suggest it. If not, the regular Tarte blushes are definitely worth the money.

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