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Merry Christmas Eve!

I hope everyone has a very happy holiday whether you celebrate Christmas or not! I won't be posting a blogmas post tomorrow as mentioned earlier however I'll be back boxing day and every weekday until New Years.

Here is a Christmas Inspired Nail Polish idea. The exact shades of nail polish is not that important and can be changed depending on the desired look. I used a red and gold nail polish by OPI.
I started by applying two pieces of tape at the base of my nail leaving a space in the shape of a triangle exposed. I filled in the triangle with gold polish. It is important to wait for the polish to dry before removing the tape. Once the triangle is dry and the tape is removed you can paint the rest of the nail being careful not to paint over the triangle. If you apply a top coat it is very important to wait for the polish to dry to avoid smudging the two colours.

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